Easy to Inspect developments in 2023

We would like to inform you about upcoming Easy to Inspect changes in 2023. We expect to launch the first changes in the summer of 2023.

Allocation of user rights

We are going to radically change the user rights system.

With the change in the way user rights will be assigned within Easy to Inspect, it will be possible for organisations to delineate groups (such as departments or branches) much more specifically and layer them. This makes it easy to work with multiple branches in a single Easy to Inspect account.

Of course, we set up Easy to Inspect so that existing settings are retained.

Effectiveness assessment of measures

Actions can be handled within Easy to Inspect. By means of a trend analysis over several inspections, it can be determined whether a certain non-conformance or cause occurs frequently. Effectiveness assessment of measures is performed through this analysis.

Nevertheless, many of our customers who are certified to FSSC 22000, ISO 45001 or ISO 9001 standards request the option that an individual action can be verified for effectiveness. We are going to enable this effectiveness verification in the system.

Non-conformance/action management

A complete renewal of the deviation module will be launched in 2023. In it, in addition to the verification option announced above, innovations will be implemented in the areas of:

  1. A user-friendly dashboard.
  2. Better possibilities for action follow-up.
  3. Expanded rights on action holders falling within groups. 

Simpler management of actions.