New Online Inspection tooling

We are introducing a complete new online inspection tool.

After the successful launch of the new Android and iOS App earlier this year, we are introducing the user experience of App also to the web. With this introduction we are also upgrading the online inspection tooling behind to scenes to ensure that both online and mobile functionalities stay in line.  This will also integrate the inspection flow for both mobile and online into one consistent flow.

We have a number of reasons for this development. Within Easy to Inspect Web (online) and App (mobile/offline) inspections are now handled in 2 different flows and two complete different user experiences.  As for the Web inspections we have been working on improving the speed and performance of the inspections, but are limited by the approach and techniques chosen in the past. Various customers have requested that online inspections can no longer be edited after the inspection result is uploaded, just as in the mobile environment.

We therefore have introduced a new Web inspection tool, the online App. The online App is identical in look and feel to the Android and iOS App.

The new online App will be made available through the platform, but will also have its own URL: In the beta phase the app will accessible nest the current online tooling.

Users can use their credentials for Easy to Inspect to authenticate for the Web App. Automatic secure authentication is available for users that are authenticated on Authentication to the app is revoked, if the users account to the platform is disabled or removed.

The new online App will work with the same workflow as in the mobile App. The users will have a personal online inspection environment, were they can do the inspections and keep the not yet completed inspections. If the inspection is completed the user will upload the inspection to the platform. The inspection result will than be available in our platform as completed inspection result.

In the future the key scores of these inspections can no longer be edited, e.g. the primary scores per question (e.g. OK-NOK), text editing will still be an option (to make it possible to correct typo’s).

As for the GPS location option this will not be available on the online App. Since GPS functionality is not available on desktop, location data should be provided by the network and/or internet connection. In practice this doesn’t result in consequent and reliable results and thus is not activated.