New: online inspections, roles&groups and action module

On Saturday, November 25, we will install an update to Easy to Inspect with interesting new features. The new features are installed automatically and are immediately available to all users.

When your users carry out online inspections via the website, they will find a completely new tool, which replaces both existing tools. The operation is similar, all existing functions are available, but optimized for the web. And importantly, all user input is stored directly in our database.

What is new is that the inspection can be saved as a draft or as a final result.

We also introduce the concept status for incomplete and complete inspections in the mobile App for phone/tablet. When using the mobile App, it is possible to upload an inspection as a ‘draft version’ to our online platform and continue working on this draft version later on. Once the inspection is completed, the user can mark it as final. Once the inspection-result is marked as ‘final’, it cannot be modified anymore.

If an inspection is marked as final, the nonconformities are automatically created in the new action module. The action module is completely new and has its own dashboard (Action Tracker), multiple action statuses, better search options, an advanced workflow and action history. From now on, the actions can only be assigned to other Easy to Inspect users, who can follow their actions in their own Action Tracker. Another new feature is that a verification step can be assigned to each action.

The new features in our website are available immediately. The update of the App for Android will follow early next week, depending on Google’s approval process. The update of the App for iOS is immediately available.

In addition, the new rights module is now available. The existing user-rights are converted into a new classification of roles assigned to users and groups. We will make the transition automatically, with all users retaining their existing rights.

If you have any questions, please contact us at