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Manage your account

Account access and managing the settings of our account. The basics.

The user menu

The User menu is home base for anything related to billing and your Easy to Inspect account. Firstly log in.

You can find your invoices, overview of current and previous users, update your account data and even cancel if you need to (though we hope you won’t!). It’s only available to the account owner. The link to the Account page is in the upper bar in the drop down of the ‘menu’ when you’re logged into Easy to Inspect. If you don’t see that link, you’re not the administrator.

Update your account details

Use the ‘My company’ option for all your company details. You can add a company logo here, that will be used on your reports. You can also add an account name here, that will be used in the Easy to Inspect website menu header and in your reports.

Please note! The information you include in this menu is used to make your invoices. If the information is wrong, your invoice will be wrong. Since this is an automatic process we cannot issue new invoices.

If your company is based in the European Union, please provide your VAT number in order to apply for a VAT deduction. An automatic VAT number check applies, only valid numbers are accepted.

Adding users

It’s easy to update your number of users in your account. Please go to your ‘My subscription’ page and then click on “change”.

Note: Only the Account Owner can see the ‘Manage users’ page.

Your current number of users

Easy to Inspect will always tell you how many active users you have.

User settings

You can add more users at any time within your plan. If your plan is fully used, you can expand your plan with an extra offset. You can start to work with your extra users immediately. We will invoice afterwards.

Manage users

In the user menu, you can select ‘My users’ to manage your users. You can:

Add users (and send invitation)

Manager users (name, email)

Disable users (users will remain in database and also their inspection results remain available for analyses)

Remove users (warning! all inspections results from this user will also be removed)

Edit users rights to the various modules of Easy to Inspect

User details

When you select new, you will create a new user.

You can now fill in all the user details. You can also modify the settings of existing users by clicking the ‘change users’ icon. (voeg het icon toe)

Some fields might need some explanation:

E-mail the result to: all inspection reports are immediately after the inspection send to the email address you include here. Normally this would be the inspector. However, if you would like to receive the report also at a central email address, simply enter a comma ‘,’ and add another email address.

Additional text for the report: It might be that you would like to add specific information about the inspector in the reports. In this case you enter qualification / competence data here. It will only appear in the report if you select so (whilst defining your report settings, when you create your checklist).

Signature: Here you can upload a JPEG or PNG file with a signature of the inspector. It will only appear in the report if you select so (whilst defining your report settings, when you create your checklist).

User rights

A new user has only basic access rights to act as an inspector and manage his/her own inspections (results). There is always a minimum of one user who must have the administrator rights. By applying the user rights feature, you can make various roles in your organization. Such as inspector, manager, administrative support, etc.