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Making an analysis

Using filters in the analysis

When analysing the inspection data, you want to be able to select on various subjects, in order to make subsets that contain relevant information. For instance you want to know all incidents that occurred during a certain shift, on a specific location, with a specific piece of equipment, etc. This requires that already during the inspection relevant items are recorded!

Easy to inspect provides a basic selection function. When analysing you always can select on:

The checklist

The period (from – to)

All, 1 or multiple inspectors

To make better and more selections with Easy to Inspect you can use your custom made filters.

Example: if you would like to analyse the difference in outcome of work-place inspections between the activities ‘road construction’ and ‘sewer infrastructure works’ this activity has to be included in the checklist as a filter. If so, you can select the activity when you create an analysis.

Of course these selections have to be specific for your organisation. No organisation is the same! That’s why we have made the filter function in Easy to Inspect. Just define your selection criteria and make as many filters as you want (you can use max. 3 one in checklist). Implement them in your checklist and you are on your way. After a while you will have enough inspection data to create powerful in-depth analyses by using the filters.

Download our handy help guide for a detailed step by step introduction on using the filters!

Advanced analysis with filters

The filter function explained

In each checklist you can include 3 Filters. Each filter provides 2 sub-levels.


Filter 1         Region

Filter 1-1      Country

Filter 1-1-1   State

What does this mean? In your analysis you can now select the inspection results of all regions, 1 region or multiple regions.

But you can also analyse in more detail. When you use a sub-filter as well, you can zoom in. For instance, zoom in on a specific country in a region or even in more detail; analyse the inspection results of 2 specific states in a specific country.

How the filter function works in your analysis In the example below, you can see the working of the filters in the analysis of a workplace inspection. Be aware that in our analysis report the lay out differs. When analysing you can not only analyse at a checklist level but also at a section level or even a question level. That is not included in the underneath example.