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I don’t see my newly created checklist in the app.

You have created but not yet published your checklist. This is a feature we offer so you can try out your checklist in practice and later modify it when needed. The result will be emailed as PDF to you, but the result will not be stored in our database. You can find the unpublished checklist in the library of the app. This feature is only available for users that have checklist creation rights.

You have created your checklist and published it so everyone can use it. You can download the checklist in the library of the App.

If the library does not contain your checklist in the library, the app did not synchronise yet. Go to the setting menu in your App and force a synchronisation.

Note! In March 2022 we updated our App. New checklists will not show in the old App (App version 4.3 and lower). This is because version 4 checklists are not compatible with the old app.