New features as of March, 4th 2018

Easy to Inspect has a lot of new features as of March 4th, 2018. No need to worry, your existing checklists still work. You don’t need to change anything.

All previous functions still exist. We just added losts of new functions.


Inspections: New App

The look & feel of the App have been changed. Swipe functions make the App more intuitive in its use.

An inspector can now include multiple photos per checkpoint. And uses all new question types.

If activate for the checklist, you can have your inspection results approved by the customer on site.

Search functions in the checklist library.

Automated built in synchronizing (at start up or manual)

Preference settings in the APP:

  • photo size
  • add photos to your gallery

(Add we updated our logo in the new App)


New question types

Besides the OK/NOK/NA question types that already existed, you can now also create following question types:

  • Yes/No
  • List / multiple choice
  • Date
  • Open text (line/paragraph)
  • Number

For now, only the OK/NOK/NA type questions will be included in the checklist analysis.


Other changes regarding your inspections

  • disable the N.A. answer option.
  • determine yourself if cause codes must be included by the inspector
  • predefine OK answer reasons or NA answer clarification codes
  • determine if OK answer reasons or NA answer clarifications must be used during the inspection.
  • add subsequent questions in case of OK/NOK/NA question types.
  • add pre- and suffixes such as #, %, °.


Company profile: Inspectors

You can link a signature (jpeg or png) to your inspector to include it in the inspection report.

You can add a qualification or competence description to your inspector to include it in the inspection report.


The inspection report

You can now include a preliminary and a concluding text paragraph to your inspection report.

You can choose to include the signature of the inspector and a descriptive paragraph about the inspector.

You can select out of various synonyms, to display OK/NOK/N.A.-scores in the report.


Checklist editor

Simplified checklist editor wizard.

Per section in the checklist, you can add a comment/explanation that will displayed in the report. This might help the reader to interpret the report and findings.

Question scan now be moved from one section to the other too.

Checklist now consist of three distinctive parts:

  • introduction containing general questions and filters.
  • inspection part with sections and inspection questions.
  • conclusive part with general question or remark fields and possibility for approval signature by the representative.

As an administrator you can also see unpublished checklists in the App. You can try them out for test purposes. Entered data however, cannot be updated to the database.


Your Dashboard

To keep Easy to Inspect easy to use we changed the dashboard and menu’s. We improved the structure.


New help guide

Download our new help guide here.