7 new tank cleaning station checklists

Tank cleaning companies, are involved in internal cleaning of tank/silo-trailers and tank/silo- containers. During cleaning, the residues of previous products are being removed. The tank is prepared for a next shipment with (most often) another product. Those products can be chemicals as well as food or feed-products. In fluid or solid form. Also cleaning and degassing of gas containers occurs. The tank cleaning stations often offer additional services like storage of containers, repair of containers, heating of loaded containers to enable unloading.

During the cleaning activities several risks exist. Some of the risks are product related. For instance, risks as a result of the residue’s product characteristics. Other risks are related to the cleaning activities. The cleaning operator is required to work on top of the tank (working at heights), has sometimes to enter the tank (confined spaces), uses high pressure equipment, uses hot water or steam and cleaning chemicals (exposure).
So, the tank cleaning stations need to take safety seriously. Since, the cleaning activities are carried out partly manually, a lot of stress must be given to the training and awareness of tank cleaning operators. They are often less educated and need to be good and repeatedly instructed.

To enable behaviour based safety programs, but also to accommodate proper implementation of HSEQ inspections, we have developed a comprehensive package of inspection checklist to be used in tank cleaning stations.

Easy to Inspect now offers, on top of the existing checklists for tank cleaning stations, 7 new checklists:

• Annual maintenance tank cleaning installation
• Annual maintenance tank cleaning bay
• Maintenance waste water purification installation tank cleaning station
• Workplace inspection cleaning station
• Workplace inspection tank(container) heating
• Tank cleaning food bay hygiene inspection
• Periodic fall harness inspection


These 7 extra checklist, complete the package of inspection lists for tank cleaning stations. They can be used immediately, but also be modified to a custom-made checklist for your tank cleaning station. To be used to fulfil SQAS or EFTCO FOOD assessment requirements or show compliance to customers or authorities. Efficient and effective.
You’ll save time and money with this inspection system. And you can easily organise your inspection archive with Easy to Inspect. Try for free during 30 days.

Clean safely. Check, it’s Easy to Inspect.