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What mobile network do I need for steady uploading results?

Easy to Inspect does work on 3G or 4G and wifi networks.

However, the speed of the transmission of the data is depending on multiple factors. Such as the network speed of your provider related to your plan, your location etc. Also very important is the number of photos that you included in your checklist result and the speed of your connection. Every photo is downsized to a format of about 150 – 250 kb before transmission. If you try to upload a checklist with 20 photos this will result in a total of about 5 MB data. Your data connection is never what you have been promised. Your location and also movement (such as driving) have impact on connection speed.

During the upload process, you cannot use your device (smartphone or tablet) for other functions. Normally it will take you 10 seconds to 1 minute to upload the checklist. However, the system allows you up to 15 minutes before our server will report a time out and disconnect. You then have to try to upload again via a network with more bandwidth.

It is therefore that we recommend to use a mobile dataplan of at least 3G or 4G but preferably a broadband WIFI with an upload speed of at least 2MB/sec. If you upload via a mobile data plan, make sure you don’t drive!