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Assign checklists to users

The administrator can now fully decide which checklists the inspector can use:

All default Easy to Inspect checklist or none

All custom made checklist, or only one or a few.

Assign a checklist to one or multiple users

Via the menu “MY CHECKLISTS”, you can select the ‘Action button’ and select ‘assign checklist’. You can now select the users that you would like to use this inspection list. After selection, this checklist will be prepared in the App as a default in the menu “USE NEW CHECKLIST”.

Assign one or multiple checklists to a user

Via the Menu “MY USERS”, you can assign checklist to a specific user. Use the ‘Action button’ and select ‘Assign checklists’. You can now select the checklists that you would like to have used by your inspector. After selection, this checklist will be prepared in the App as a default in the menu “USE NEW CHECKLIST”.


These checklists are downloaded automatically to the App when the user logs on or manually synchronises the App.

Limit access to checklists to selected only

Based on these two options, the inspector sees the checklists assigned prepared in his App. However, the inspector can always select other custom made checklist in the library. It is now possible to limit the inspectors use of checklist to only the checklists that you have assigned to him/her. Go to the menu “MY USERS”, select your inspector and open the ‘Action button’. Select assign checklist and mark the question: ‘Only assigned custom made checklists allowed?’ with yes.

The user will not see the button ‘add from library’ in the App dashboard. Handling of existing results in the App on the device of a checklist will ensure that checklists of which the status is deprecated to status “hidden” (inactive) by checklist administrator still can be completed by the administrator. When a checklist is revised, the administrator can hide the existing one and publish a new checklist. The user can still finish the existing checklist or upload a already completed checklist. Even if the administrator has taken this checklist out of the library of ‘published / active’ checklists. In this way inspection results will not be lost.