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Can you support us with the setup of Easy to Inspect?

Easy to Inspect is an easy to use tool. Your inspectors can use it right away, since the app is a ‘plug and play’ device.

You as an administrator, have to make yourself familiar with all the features to make a best use of it.

It is important to think first and act after when using Easy to Inspect.

Easy to inspect is not just designed to carry out inspections in an easy and efficient way. It also offers the very important features of analysis. You can create management information within seconds!

Good management information can only be obtained if your set up is right. Important questions are: So what kind of inspection points should you create? Why use sections of questions? How should you use filters and combinations of filters? What does my management want to get out of it?

We at Easy to Inspect employ management systems consultants, that are very experienced in auditing and inspecting. We know that reliable information can only be obtained on a good basis.

So if you need assistance, a second opinion or any other kind of support, we can help.

We offer both on-site and remote support. We have a very affordable start up service. Remote support is offered at an hourly rate. For on-site support (Netherlands only) and advice please contact us.

Just send us an email and we will get in touch with you.

We are glad to be of your assistance!