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How to check effectiveness of action completion?

Easy to Inspect contains an easy action reporting module. Once an action is completed, the action taker can report what has been done and mark the action as completed.

Easy to Inspect does not contain any effectiveness check on individual actions. It is not intended for reporting individual non conformities for which corrective actions must be taken. Easy to Inspect contains repair actions (correction in ISO terminology) for items that were found to be not according to the requirements during an inspection. We do not want to put extra administrative burden upon the management system co-ordinator with extra follow up, marking each action after checking it etc. Let’s keep things easy and efficient.

Our inspection tool is designed to carry out analyses on inspection reports over a longer period of time. The outcome of the OK-percentages, shows the effectiveness of the inspection system. It can assist in evaluating the effectiveness of structural measures taken as defined in other complaints or action reports (corrective actions in ISO terminology).  This method fully complies with ISO principles. Note: Employees of Easy to Inspect also work as lead auditors for certification bodies.