Easy to Inspect sponsors Running Club SHH

As from October 2015 Easy to Inspect sponsors Running and Bootcamp Club SHH.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is not only aiming on contributing to a higher level of safety and health within organisations, but also strives to contribute to local health initiatives. We decided to mainly focus on supporting local sports clubs. We already financially support the field Hockey Club of Huizen (HHC) and the Handbal Club SV Vrone.

SHH is a relatively young Running Club that offers running, bootcamp and fartlek training on starting, moderate and advanced levels. SHH participates in running events such as the ‘liberation run’ to celebrate the liberation of the Netherlands on the 5th of May. The first upcoming event that is co-sponsored by Easy to Inspect will be the Strong Viking Obstacle run on October 24.

We wish SHH a lot of sportive success.