February 2020 update

We have upgraded our Easy to Inspect system with several extra features, under the hood platform acceleration changes and bug-fixes. Want to check them out? Just login to www.easytoinspect.com.


Upgraded performance

  • Improved “under the hood” changes to improve the database performance of our system and speed of the platform.
  • Back-end integration of Ruby on Rails and Elixir (Phoenix Framework).


  • Introduction of a new ‘Results overview’ with faster performance (based on Phoenix LiveView).
  • Introduction of new real-time search, in the ‘Results overview’ (based on Phoenix LiveView). Instant search is now possible in the ‘Results overview’.
  • The user has the option to select the number of results per page in the ‘Results overview’.
  • The checklist administrator now has the option to select alternative labels for “inspector” and “representative“ in the signature part of the checklist. If for instance, inspector is to formal, one can now also select evaluator, observer, auditor, team leader and such. The selected label value will be


  • Updated caching of templates.
  • Screen lay out changes due to new feature implementation.


  • In the Menu ‘My Users’, the behavior of the action button is changed for (de)activating a user.
  • Checklists reminders are no longer sent to inactive accounts.
  • Calculation issues in checklist report statistics, in case other languages than the default checklist language is selected.
  • Correct new line behavior in footer, header and long answer type question is implemented.
  • Changed behavior of the ‘Publish button’ to prevent that a draft checklist without sections/questions will be published.