Changelog App


App iOS /Android [4.1.0] – 2018-01-12


  • Assigned checklists will be downloaded automatically to the App (at start-up or manual sync)


  • Handling of existing results in the App on the device of a checklist improved that was deprecated to status “hidden” by checklist administrator.
  • The option to save the photos made in the app to the gallery has been enabled as default (was disabled). This will ensure that photos are available on the device in case of a rare database crash.
  • To Add a checklist in the checklist library the user can now also tap on the checklist


  • iOS App: fixed the double tap that was required to open the photo app
  • IOS App: disabled the iOS system message if user cancelled taking a photo.


App iOS/Android [4.0.3] – 2018-06-22


  • Inactive user could login to app
  • Faults in translations updated in French, English
  • Incorrect heading in Library for unpublished checklists
  • Field Name representative missing in App (with signature)


App iOS/Android [4.0.2] – 2018-04-02


  • Confirm reset
  • update check ionic pro update protocol

App iOS/Android [4.0.0] – 2018-03-04


  • Release new version 4 App
  • Mulitple photo’s in the checklsit
  • New types of questions
  • Introduction of the App dashboard
  • New setup of the library of Easy to Inspect checklist
  • Introduction of categories in the library
  • New future proof development platform