How to use our App


Easy to Inspect is optimized for our mobile devices.

Just log in to our App on your smartphone or tablet and start your inspections.

Find some more instructions on how to use the App here.

How to get the App

Easy to Inspect

It works great on iOS devices and almost any Android powered smartphone or tablet.

If you’re a iPhone, iPad or iPod user, go to the App store and install the App.
If you are an Android user, please install our app on the Google Play store.

After installing the App, you just login with your account name and your password. You can start using the App right away.

The basics of the App

Your start up screen is composed of 4 sections.

  • Checklist ready for upload to the database: checklists that you have completed and would like to upload to the database when you are connected to wifi (due to speed of connection and cellphone plan limits).
  • Incomplete checklists (inspections that have been started but not yet finished). When you first open the App, this section is not yet present, since you have not started an inspection yet.
  • Use new checklist (overview of checklists selected in the library that you frequently use)
  • Other (settings menu)

Note that the App combines swipe and tap functions!

In “the library” the custom made checklists (your own checklists) are included. In the other categories, you can find more than 75 Easy to Inspect pre-defined checklists, that are ready to use.

User setting:

You can change default language settings or change your password.

You can select the language of your choice. It is possible to change the language in English, French, German and Dutch. This will change the language in the App and will display the checklists in the chosen language. This will not impact the findings you entered in a checklist.

Select the size of the photos. The larger the format the more memory you will use on your device. The larger the size, the longer it takes to upload your report. Although we maximize the format, be aware of your data plan.

You can also define here if you would like to keep photos on your device. We recommend doing so. If the App does not function anymore after a operating system update, you always have your photos in your library. Of course, keeping your photos in your gallery will also take more memory space.

Download our help guide for the App below if you need more instruction/explanation.

How to do your inspection?

Just start and the App will show it’s use itself.

Good to know:

  • If a question is mandatory or a part of the question must be filled in completely, such is indicated with a red bar next to the element.
  • When you are in the question screen, click on the next or previous button
  • The progress of your inspection is marked by indicating the number of inspection points / questions still to be completed. Please note, that we only point out the questions that have been marked as mandatory. When all questions are answered the counter turns green.
  • You can interrupt your inspection at any time. Click ‘back to get back to the main menu. You will see that your checklist is listed in the overview of completed checklists of incomplete checklists. Of course you can also completely shut down your App. When restarting the incomplete checklist is displayed as well.
  • You can always continue to work on your inspection. Simply select the checklist in the overview of incompleted checklists and click on it to re-open. The same applies for completed checklists that are not yet uploaded to the database. You can also re-open these checklist by clicking on them and modify the results.

Upload inspection to the database

After your inspection is finished, you close the checklist. Your checklist is included in the ‘ready for upload’ overview. If a checklist is not completed, it cannot be sent to the database.

We suggest you only send a checklist to the database when you have Wi-Fi connection. If you would have included a lot of photos, you’ll run out of your dataplan quickly.

We recommend that you upload completed inspection results as soon as possible. Once included in the database you can modify results.

To prevent loss of any data best upload immediately after inspection. It happens that you upgrade the operating system of your device and that this results in dataloss of Easy to Inspect data. We cannot prevent that. Please upload before upgrading.

It is possible to delete a checklist from your device. Just stop your inspection and delete it in the section completed checklist. Once deleted from your device, you cannot restore the checklist results. All data, even the photos you took (except is you have chosen to store in your gallery), is gone.


You will receive an instant email with the inspection report attached as pdf. The inspection is also available in the Easy to Inspect database, accessible through our website. If you want to change your report, you can do this by using the website and make a new pdf report from the website.

After uploading your inspection results, you might want to appoint actions and action takers for observed non-conformances. You can do that via the website of Easy to Inspect.

After uploading several inspection results, you might want to analyze the inspection results. You can do that via the website of Easy to Inspect.

Download our help guide for the app below for further instructions.

Download App help guide

We made a handy guide that leads you through all the steps of using the App. You can find this guide here. You can also find the guide on this website under FAQ -> downloads.